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Market Shape
Business and Market Development
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We use innovative ‘hard data’ analytics, original prospecting techniques and a responsible approach to working with clients to create long relationships.

We deliver significant new income streams where a new approach is needed, and solve one-off Business Development challenges with bespoke solutions.

Our track record means we can remove the risk of starting a new relationship:

A first step 'sanity check' data diagnostic that measures the potential to improve your present approach and sets realistic expectations.
A commercial relationship where fees can be paid out of the extra income we are responsible for, when it has been created.

Better new Business Revenue
Forecasting Churn
Increasing Up-Sell Opportunities
Improving Territory Yield
Strengthening channel Relationships
Getting the Timing Right
Fixing CRM Data
Who We are
We are a 20 year old boutique Business Development house that concentrates on increasing new and repeat sales performance.

Our clients range from Blue Chip to smaller companies across almost all sectors including Professional and Financial Services, Manufacturing and Distribution.

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