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The new General Data Protection Regulation

The new Data Protection requirements that become law early next year are widely expected to have significant implications for the B2B sector.

They appear to split into three dimensions;

1. The Legal requirements that define the changes that companies will need to make to their processes going forward.

2. The Practical implications for changing the past and present data to make it compliant next year.

3. The Time necessary to 'fix' the problems. So far we have found that every one of these projects uncovers several unexpected surprises that take time to resolve.

Government guidelines will enable your Data Controller to change the Future processes (part 1) to become compliant with new Privacy and Consent requirements.

They won't help you find how to make your existing Legacy data compliant.

For those companies with large sets of existing prospect data for example, the extra cost of upgrading or confirming the opt-in permissions can be significant, and time consuming. And then you will need to have a process to proactively 're-confirm' the Opt-in from time to time!

From the first few projects that we have started, it is clear that there are several ways to get to the same 'compliant Legacy data' result.

We can help your Data Controller to implement your best Legacy data 'fix', while the IT system changes are made entirely separately.

Data-related issues

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