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Strengthening Channel Relationships

Where strong business relationships with clients or resellers are important, it helps to understand their ‘cultural imperatives’.

Rather like a risk profile, this analysis will identify the key ‘drivers’ for the businesses that you depend on. What type of account management relationship do they prefer, what are their attitudes towards growth and risk? What is their style of customer retention strategy?

All of these questions and more can affect the way that you should engage with your key business relationships.

Company psychometric profiling creates a consistent way of evaluating each important business relationship in terms of a number of key parameters, and allows you to change the way that you engage with them on an individual basis, to improve the strength of your relationship, or to identify the ones that you are most likely to be able to rely on in the future.
2000 insurance resellers that had varying performance and a high cost of account management. Which 50% were to be cancelled?
Bespoke data gathering and the use of ‘psychometric’ profiling of each reseller helped the client to understand which partners had the same sort of business ‘attitude’, and a similar approach to maintaining relationships. This resulted in 22% more income from a 45% reduction in the reseller channel.

When relationships are crucial to your business, this will help you to understand how you should be running them.

Data-related issues

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